Cache Valley is abundantly blessed with a natural beauty that encircles our everyday lives. We are embraced by mountains and surrounded by national forests that we can access and enjoy. Our fertile valley of farms, wetlands and communities has fostered a society that has incredible producers of dairy, fruit and vegetable farms. The farmers markets and groceries are stocked year round with nutritious and quality produce and it is one of the great pleasures of living in this corner of the world. We enjoy access to world class hiking, camping, hunting and fishing just minutes from our front door. This is a place where families and businesses thrive. Our shared goals will be the sustainable use of land and ensuring responsible growth. My time in Salt Lake City will focus on concrete steps we can take to guarantee we all have access to clean air, responsive public services such as recycling, the reduction of single-use plastic and the preservation of access to Public Lands for future generations. Environmental stewardship promotes the health of our economy, country and community and I intend to make sure our State Government safeguards the bright future we all envision.


We are only as safe as our weakest link. Health Care is an issue of National Security. We are
overwhelmed by the effects of a global, viral pandemic that brought change and fear to the entire
world. This was predicted. Epidemiologists long prepared models of how a novel flu virus or other
new pathogen could overwhelm the populations and disrupt commerce. The first case of community
acquired Covid-19 in Utah was in an uninsured, working adult
I will help to assure health departments have adequate funding and personnel. We need to follow
CDC guideline to do disease surveillance and contact tracing to quickly respond to public health
emergencies. I will encourage policies that will have an Infection Preventionist on staff in all
congregate care facilities, jails and long-term care centers. The Legislature must model behaviors of
wearing masks, washing hands and social distancing until the pandemic is over. The economy can
only return to full health when the threat of the viral pandemic is contained.


Climate change and air pollution affect all of us. Dirty air is a direct cause of respiratory illness and
lower quality of life in Utah. The areas that are under the protection of the Bureau of Land
Management are set aside as a reservoir of open space with clean air, water and thriving natural
ecosystems. They are threatened by inappropriate development, heavy industry and unregulated off-
road activities.

Our state is blessed with natural beauty that enriches our everyday lives and brings tourist dollars to
our state.  As a legislator, I will protect those lands and increase funding for state agencies that
manage them. I will work to increase joint projects with federal land managers, state agencies and
private landowners to heal centuries of neglect and return precious resources to healthy, well
managed land. I will work to fund research projects to repair abused land to bring it back to its natural
productive state. Healthy public lands are an investment in the future.


Utah public schools are underfunded and overcrowded and with the lowest dollar spent per pupil in
the US. The teacher per pupil ratio is 34.1 to l. 
I will be the voice at the table that ensures our youth in Cache Valley get the world class education
they deserve.
Teachers: When elected I will work to assure that Utah is no longer at the bottom. We must
recruit, develop, invest in, retain, and good teachers. Their salaries and compensation must include
competitive retirement benefits and health insurance.
Future teachers: We need to recruit high school students for teaching and careers and to
forgive student debt if they teach in Utah schools for four years.
Education & Covid-19: Online education has caused students to lose progress as they adjust
to the new circumstances. We need:

  • Universal broadband access and technology available for students for online learning

  • Training for teachers as they adapt to virtual classrooms

  • Support for parents as they step into new teaching roles

  • Fund school nurses on every campus


The voters of Utah voted in favor of Medicaid Expansion. The Utah legislator voted to overturn the will
of the people. 
We must eliminate barriers to public safety net programs. It is in our best interest to assure that
everyone has high quality, affordable health care. The Legislature should fund campaigns to
encourage enrollment and educate eligible adults and children who could qualify for Medicaid, CHIP
and WIC. Outreach could include social media, television and newspaper ads.


In 2016 the Utah legislature passed SB 2001, Tax Restructuring Revision. They sought to increase
sales taxes on food and gasoline as well as some services and cut some corporate taxes. This was
answered with widespread opposition by both conservatives and liberals and was withdrawn. The
budget that was passed last spring will be impacted heavily by the downturn in the economy caused
by the pandemic. The legislature has approved spending $53 million to a bankrupt coal port in
California, funding the Inland Port and wasteful spending such as $800.000 to purchase
hydroxychloroquine, an unproven drug for Covid-19.
As a member of the legislature, I will vote for bills that assure tax dollars are spent wisely and I will
welcome input from my constituents. I will not support regressive tax proposals that hit the working
poor. There was already substantial food insecurity before the pandemic, while the economy was
booming. Taxes are essential to fund our services. We must block any attempt to take money from

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I was born in Logan and raised in River Heights. I attended local public schools.


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